• Today (Friday) at 4 p.m. is the first half of my most current bought of dental work. I would say I haven’t been dwelling on it and experiencing increasingly horrible levels of anxiety since last Wednesday when I made the appointment, but that would be a damn dirty lie. And I am not a liar. Well, sometimes I have been, but usually I’m lying to myself more than anybody else, but that’s not really the point, nor is it important right now because HOLY FUCK I CAN HARDLY FUCKING TAKE IT CAN’T THEY JUST CUT SOMETHING OFF LIKE A FINGER OR AN EAR?!
  • I just got a call from someone representing my Congresslady Maxine Waters. They asked if I was going to vote for her, and when I said I was, they asked me if I wanted a lawn sign. That’s hilarious. The people that Maxine Waters represents don’t have lawns.
  • Arrow: fuck yes. I know I usually don’t talk about TV, but I want had a really nice time with this show and I wanted to call it out. Because we only have Netflix and Hulu (oh, and the entire fucking Internet) Ben and I are at least 3 years behind current TV trends, but we usually average something closer to 10. So unless you’re as jazzed for season 2 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer as I am (will they or won’t they: Xander and Cordelia?!) I have nothing to offer. Except this: Arrow compelling and well put together, especially since it’s just the pilot. By the time this goes up, there’s already going to have been an episode two, which I plan to watch as well, because I am totally down with this show.

    Also, after hearing from Aldo that the star, Stephen Amell played the cycling instructor from Season 4 of Queer as Folk, I did the research so you don’t have to. He’s in three episodes, which take place when the team is getting ready for and completing the Liberty Ride from Pittsburgh to Toronto where Michael and Ben get married. Other shit happens: Melanie goes into labor, Justin pitches his and Michael’s comic book in Hollywood and it gets purchased (or something). It’s unclear weather or not Brian fucks the cycling instructor, but he does break his collar bone. So there’s that.

  • There’s been some small drama over me calling out comedian Kevin Flanagan for talking during another comic’s set at Real Live Stand Up Hermosa. Maybe I should have been more eloquent or diplomatic in saying what I said, but sometimes I run my mouth. I write something here every single weekday, not all of it can be kind and loving. Honestly, I’m kind of on the fence whether it even should be kind and loving. That guy was rude at the show, and then he came on the blog and was rude on here too. If I change my approach to calling out rude people in the future, it’s not going to be because I feel bad for what happened, but because I wish it was a better piece of writing. It’s kind of clunky.