Real Support Doesn’t Come in Bumper Sticker Form



My least favorite neighbor decided to start doing laundry at the ass crack of 6 a.m. this morning, which wouldn’t be such a problem if the dog hadn’t kept us awake most of the night, and if the fucking washer and dryer weren’t positioned directly beneath our bed in the shared basement for our fourplex.

So, on a topic where I’d usually do some research to shore up my claims that anybody wanting us to “support our troops” will typically vote for their deaths and against their safety and recovery, I’ll instead make the accusation, and leave the burden of research to some other sucker.

Lawmakers, republicans mostly, will cry into their money beards at all the horrible mistreatment us democrats and pussy-licking, black president supporting liberals heap upon their beautiful American “boys” (keep in mind this completely ignores the gay ones, the ladies, and the trans identified) all the while defying accessible healthcare across the board, and for veterans especially.

It’s the Republicans who want to change pension laws so that they can take back the money these “boys” have honestly earned in service to a country that would rather shore up tax havens for the rich and make corporations into people than to buy them some fucking legs and treat their fucking PTSD.

The Republican party used to stand for something. Now it falls for corporate dick. Kill all the young Americans you want, discard the ones too lucky or too tough to disobey that directive, and gut the economy for the joy of the 1%.

Supporting the troops means more than taking an 18 year old from the ghetto and pretending like he’s going to be a chef, then throwing him out of an airplane in Kandahar and refusing his disability pay when it turns out the American missile he got blown the fuck up with only took 2/3rds of a leg and not more.

Supporting the troops means good medical care, it means good fucking psychiatric care, and it means having an economy these guys can come back to.

If somebody wants to bitch at my lily liberal self for lack of troop support, my question to them would be this: what’s your veterans’ discount? Is it public, or do they have to ask for it? How much do you give to your local homeless shelter? Because that’s where the troops are. Troops don’t live in your bumper sticker, man. Troops get lied to, mistreated, and deserted. What kind of place do you think people who have been lied to, mistreated, and deserted end up in? Do you think the yellow ribbon you tied around the distinctively non-oak tree in the front of your half-a-million dollar house in the suburbs is going to help some poor bastard that can’t get a job because you and middle managers like you won’t hire her because her only work experience has to do with automatic weapons safety drills?

People who pay lip service to “the troops” when they’re on the other side of the planet, but don’t have a cent or a second for them when they get vomited back into public life can eat a fat dick.