Stop Breeding

applied for a job at UPS, and it looks like I got it, but I think that I’m going to tell them to leave me alone because I don’t want their stupid 3am to 8am shit, even though it’s the only shift I asked for because that’s the only time I’m not busy. But fuck it, I’m making enough money I don’t have to kill myself with work.

Katy and Grandma and I saw Garden State day before yesterday. It’s a light snack kind of a film, very good, and just right.

That’s really it, except that we saw an obviously educated, upper-middle class woman who had taken her kids to the outdoor jazz show that was happening outside the theater (God, I love Pasadena!) and she had two and one on the way. Kate said that it looked like she had gotten pregnant with each successive one as soon as she had finished breastfeeding the preceding one. What the fuck lady? I’ve already ranted to everyone I know about this, but why would you do that to yourself. Those kids were like two and a half years apart, you’re going to be taking care of kids for another 20 years, why don’t you do something productive with your life besides contributing to the crippling overpopulation problem. For Christ’s sake, it’s the new millennium, STOP BREEDING!!!!!

Oh, and as a end note, the heat made the head of my bobble-head Jesus pop off, and this morning it rolled under my brake pedal, good thing I was on my street and only going 15 mph, or it could have gotten ugly. This just proves that God can’t get me. Try and smote me now, bitch.