Stolen Phone, Stolen Debit Card Info

Saturday morning at the El Segundo dog park my phone went missing. We looked everywhere, I walked the grid of the park, up one line and down another from East to West. Since the ringer was off, we couldnt have heard it, but we called and texted anyway in the hopes that the person who walked away with it was intending to return it to no avail. Stupidly, I didn’t install any kind of encryption program on the phone, nor did I install the mobile security app that came with my insurance which would have let us follow the phone’s location, or made it sound an alarm. Thankfully I did at least have insurance and that made it really easy to discontinue service on the missing phone and get the new one shipped out to me for arrival on Tuesday. It would have been Monday, except for the holiday. And, just my luck, they were out of Galaxy Note Ones, would I mind if they sent me a Two instead? Would I mind?! I guess I’ll take the Note Two if you’re all out of blow job robots.

It wasn’t all amazing. I did have to pay a $130 deductible, and I had to buy a new SD card for $60. The real icing on the cake was earlier today when I learned that nearly $500 worth of fraudulent charges had been made using my debit information. My bank was on top of it, and actually stopped them mid-spree. They tried to use the card at least one more time after it was cancelled. My new card is already on it’s way, and I’ll be getting the money back, but first we have to wait and see if it actually comes out of my account. Right now, it’s just in a checking hold, but due to the fraudulent nature of the charges, they may not go through. We’ll know on Friday, which is apparently when the charges expire. The branch manager explained it to me, but I’m not entirely sure I get it.

Anyway, if the charges go through, I’ll have to file a police report and then I’ll get my money back (including any fees incurred as a result of the charges), 7-10 business days after the paperwork is filed. So, I spent 200 bucks on a phone and then promptly had my checking account basically closed on me. Really, I’m fine. I just took out some cash and that’s more than I need until this gets cleared up, but I still feel a bit annoyed.

It seems like the harder I work on making some more money and helping us be a little better off, maybe be able to go to a B&B once in awhile, something else goes wrong. And it’s always, like, $200 wrong. That shit starts to add up after awhile. Also, it can get pretty disheartening.

But, the idea that hard work merits hard pay is a myth. Shit happens, it could be worse, and all those other placating aphorisms.