Share the Hate

I’m not having a good day.

Rather than talk about that, let me introduce my new Tumblr project: The Hate Report. I’m collecting quotes and stories that have to do with hateful-ass shit that people say to each other. I think it’s doing pretty good, I got 4 submissions in the first day. I hope to keep this going, so if you have any hateful memories, please feel free to share. The more hateful the better. Nothing is too much, although I will be starring out portions of slurs.

I also bought this tonight. It has no reviews, and subsequently no stars, but I thought I might as well give it a go. It beats playing Candy Crush. At least productivity-wise. It actually seems quite a bit more boring and far less forget-yout-troubles-ey than Candy Crush. I’ll let you know if it helps me. In any way.

Also also, we just watched the Odan episode of Star Trek the Next Generation. What the actual fuck, Beverly? (BTW, this is the one where Beverly falls in love with a Trill who’s host body dies and gets temporarily implanted into Riker if you haven’t seen it before.) It’s totally cool that you totally hog-headed your nominal brother, never mind how Riker might feel about such an arrangement, but if there’s boobs involved, you’re suddenly all cold fish? Ugh.