Saints Row IV

My reward to myself for making enough money to live off freelance alone (as opposed to savings or unemployment) in September was going to be a copy of Saints Row IV. But before I could meet that goal, a magical video game fairy gifted it to me. It’s as if the universe knew I needed a little light in my life.

Got laid off, trying to start a new business, grandma moving to Wisconsin never to be seen or heard from again? Here’s some Saints Row to balance the scales.

Dun dun duh duh duh dundundun daaaa, dundun dundun da daaaaaa

I’m 9 percent in, and the only thing I am sad about is that they got rid of the sassy walk option, but apparently that was something that disappeared in game 3 and I didn’t notice until now. See how video games can increase perception?

Anyway, Volition have topped themselves once again, and the gameplay in this universe is similar to Crackdown, if Crackdown were fun. You have super powers, you’re fighting aliens from the inside of a computer simulation, and Keith David is your Vice President. As in, Keith David plays a video game version of himself as the Vice President to your own character’s President of the United States.

And you get to be President by diverting the path of a nuclear missile. By hand. In mid-air. I’m not even going to spoil the soundtrack to that scene because I laughed so hard I almost got hit by a flying missile piece and ballsacked the mission.

Basically, this game is every person’s best and most lucid dream. There’s a presidential tiger. And you get to punch a filibustering senator. There’s something for everyone. It makes me happy.