Rape Tuesday

I posted this on a forum in response to some guy’s dumb instance that “women who are raped are asking for it, women think that they can get away with anything, and if rape is under-reported how do you even know that if they never report it anyway, huh? Also, feminists think that all men are rapists I’m quite proud of it, so here it is.

1. The problem I have with the “if you walked into gangland wearing a money suit at midnight” analogy is that, from culture to culture this half of the analogy remains the same. If a man is irresponsible with his valuables he deserves to loose them, everyone can agree on that. The female section of the joke is usually fairly similarly broken down to the same: If a woman is irresponsible with her valuables, she deserves to loose them. The issue I have with the joke is that it makes the assumption that a woman’s ability to be fucked is her valuable, that her physical body is a commodity that people (men) are allowed to have for a price, but not to take for free. If we switch the analogy around and have a woman with a purse overflowing with money downtown at night getting robbed, no problem, she should have watched her purse, but if we try to think of a guy, hanging out with some fun new guys from the bar, trading sex stories while wondering home when all of a sudden they’re forcing sex on him against his will and because there’s more of them than him, they run a train on his ass and leave him, bleeding in an alley. What did he expect? Those were strangers and he was out numbered. He shouldn’t be drunk, alone with strangers anyway, that dicktease. Is not the same with a person looks at it like that, or even if the man’s attackers had all been women, which has happened and no one cared or had much to say. When a man is brutalized, its just a one-off weird gross and unfortunate crime done by criminal-ass people like every other fucking crime, but when it happens to a woman its because she wasn’t wearing gloves under her Burka (burkah wearing and clitorectomies have also been defended using the above analogy).

Of course, on the other hand, that just happens to be the way our world is right now, and I have to say that although I understand that it is a flawed system, I do agree at least somewhat with the Camille Paglia “any girl who gets drunk at a frat party and doesn’t expect to get fucked that evening, even if its against her will, is a complete idiot” school of thought {LINK} because we live in a world where pussy is considered a commodity, which leads to the issue I hear a lot of men express:

2.Women think that they should get everything because they’re girls and suffer no ill consequences whatsoever. First of all, you hang out with bitches, so that might be more of a you problem. However, I feel like this is two sides of the same coin, on the one hand, girls are encouraged to think that our sexuality is a commodity that someone can steal from us because we are so weak and easily damaged, so we have to be on guard and constantly protecting that, but when a woman extrapolates this argument to make the assumption that her sexuality is not only a commodity that can be taken from her, but also a commodity that can be bartered for in exchange for things and special treatment, or that her physical strength is so minuscule and ineffectual that any violence she does to a man is inconsequential and insubstantial, she is derided for using societies own arguments to her gain and not just her determent. What we need to do is stop using this argument wholesale across the board and not just when in inconveniences societal stereotypes.

3. Un-reported Rape: The way to determine the under/un-reported instances of rape in any given population is to select a representative sample, give them all an anonymous questionnaire that asks “have you been raped?” and “did you report it to an authority?” You can ask them what kind of authority they reported it to, because in terms of conviction only the police matter, because only they can seek an arrest. Of course, if the instance of officially unreported rape seems to be high, as it does in these cases, {LINK} {LINK} one can find flaw in the polling data by asking one’s self “If they are not telling anyone else, why would they be telling us?” Part of that doubt can be taken away by the fact that it is an anonymous poll, but the truth remains that there are many women who probably wouldn’t even tell an anonymous poll about their experience with sexual assault, which actually skews the data away from the unbeliever, and in favor of those who argue that rape is seriously un-reported, which is my personal problem with the data: that it is inaccurate because it doesn’t actually reveal the scope of the issue at hand.

4. As for feminists thinking all men are rapists: What can I say, some feminists think that all men are rapists, some baptists think that all black people are monkeys. If you make broad generalizations about people who make broad generalizations, what kind of point are you actually making here?

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