Rape-quit: Cool New Fad

With all this gamer gate shit hitting the fan, and everybody, once again, realizing that rape threats are not conducive to political activism, I have something to say.

How about all us sane people just make a deal that the first rape and/or death threat volleyed across the playing field means all people of good reason abandon play?

Like, immediately.

Then there’s no “they started it,” and there’s no “don’t blame me, I’m not issuing rape threats.” Because by following a policy I’ve chosen to call rape-quitting, there will be no one sane left to say shit like that.

You guys may or may not have heard Louis C.K.’s joke where he implies that the Pope enjoys kid fucking. The gist is that there are two kinds of people: those that are totally disgusted by kid rape and those that rape kids. Nobody’s on the fence about kid rape. Every decent human agrees that shit is totally wrong. Therefore, when someone condones kid rape in their organization, the chances that they’re the only human being on earth on the fence about kid fucking is probably pretty slim.

Now, I think that every decent person can agree that threatening to rape someone for something they wrote on the Internet is deplorable. No sane person condones rape as a form of discourse. So, can we make an argument that people who condone the use of rape-threats by others in their organization may well be hardcore into raping?

Then can we agree that, as non-rapists, we would rather not be associated with rapists, and so next time someone decides to threaten to rape someone, we all just leave the thread. Or the room. And mark their rapey ass by the ring of dead-air that follows them everywhere they go.

Life is long, but the Internet is longer. How many generations of your offspring do you really want knowing you were a rape fence-sitter?

This is no time for cowardice. If you love rape, stay where you are, but for the rest of is, it’s time to rape-quit this motherfucker.