So. I called my dad yesterday. Did you know he changed his phone number to an unlisted one? Of course you didn’t. I had no idea either. I’m not sure, but I think this might have something to do with the fact that he’s not responding to my e-mails. We used to do this in the past everytime we had a fight, and it never botherd me. This time’s different though, I just thought that we’d grown up a little bit, you know. And I always defend his ass when people call him a loser and bitch about how he hardly ever seems to be in a place where he can help me out with money because that’s not what matters in a fillial relationship. What matters is emotional support, but when he’s not talking to me and my mom’s driving nearly an hour one way at 11pm on a friday night just so I can go home for the weekend, and I don’t even live with her, I have to stop and think.

In the past, my dad was the better parent, but now, even though neither of them are the perfect parent, or emotionally stable by any means, at lease my mom can do things for me that help me out, and he’s just giving me grief.

God! I’m sorry my truck broke down, so I can’t go to stupid San Francisco, and I’m terribly sorry I was so presumptous as to ask my own father for any money to fix that heap of junk. He could have just said that he didn’t have the money, but I guess that would be way too rational. I fucking hate it when my parents act like my kids.