President’s Day 2013

Happy President’s Day. Instead of my usual holiday repost, today I’m encouraging you to go back and look at my Die Hard Liveblog/Livestream series (Die Hard, Die Hard 2, Die Hard With a Vengeance, and Live Free or Die Hard ), the last of which I posted on Saturday. I had a lot of fun making them, and I think they’re pretty great.

We did see A Good Day to Die Hard, and to be honest I’m still sad about it. I thought that the critical response to Live Free or Die Hard was an indicator that A Good Day would be a good movie despite what blowhard art film fans had to say. I was wrong. 5 is a shit show. They took everything that made Die Hard a classic action series and replaced it with… nothing, as far as I could tell. There was no hardworking everyman sidekick who rises to the challenge fate has brought him. There was no John McClane being a snarky bitch to the bad guy. There wasn’t even a henchmen count down! This was a badly written fanfiction from someone who never really got it. For me, there are only 4 Die Hard movies.

MFW I think about Die Hard 5