President Clown Shoe

Donald Duck Trump is running for President. If you don’t know, now you know.

This fucking guy. The only good thing I can say about this cocaine bloat of a human being is that at least he isn’t Creflo God Damned Dollar. I hope the motherfucker wins the Republican primaries, that’s how much I dislike this man.

Donald Trump is the Carrot Top of the business world. Just another unremarkable dummy with stupid hair willing to travel the world holding a bag of unnecessary props hoping against hope that some poor ignoramus will ask him what time it is.

Because it’s time to get ill. And I mean physically ill. Isn’t there a teen mom somewhere with political aspirations? What’s Caitlyn Jenner doing right now. Oh, her show’s still on the air? She hasn’t called in Geraldo Rivera to boost ratings?


How does this Pepto Bismol monkey think America will vote for him if they don’t even give a fuck when his masturbatory farce of a show is on hiatus for a year and a god damned half? His biggest political accomplishment is that he badgered our current president into releasing his birth certificate by being an unapologetic racist and a waste of column-inches who’s pursuit of media coverage has endangered the intellectual integrity of our country as a whole.

How many people are suing Trump for fraud right now? How many idiots accidentally believed in his shit-show fake school, the Trump University? This fat idiot couldn’t sell a fish to a Frisky’s plant, and he thinks he can lead us? Where, to bankruptcy? Again?

This sad sack of unrequited mother-love has a long history of being a liar, a cheat and a fraud, and he is taking this campaign as a chance to fucking do it some more.


You know what, I was all hot under the collar to dig in and make a night of it, but this guy is an attention-crack-whore, and the only reason he’s snail-trailing the airways with his virulent stench is to that very end and no other. I’m not even going to waste another sentence on


2 Replies to “President Clown Shoe

  1. The fact that this asshat is even allowed to run for president is proof of how transparently corporatized American politics have become. Because he has money, he thinks he can do whatever the fuck he wants, and HE’S RIGHT. And that fills me with rage.

    You’re absolutely right, though; he doesn’t deserve even a nanosecond of attention. So thank you for that. And for the penguins. 🙂

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