Pokémon 1: Lief the Backpack Thief


Friend Chief suggested that I attempt to name all 151 original Pokémon after I told him I only know Pikachu, Charmander and Q-Bone… who apparently isn’t even an original Pokemon, now that I see this chart.

Anyway, I decided to do him one better and not only name them, but also give them origin stories, and draw them. I know everybody is doing this, but I don’t care. Pokémon are simple and fun and god damnit, people like them.

NAME: Lief the Backpack Thief

ORIGIN STORY: Lief had a happy childhood. No one suspected that he’d grow up to be, not only a backpack thief, but also involved in a 24/7 D/s poly relationship with a teenage boy. How it all went so wrong has more to do with history than with Lief himself.

The young dinosaur had a promising career on Wall Street, but he lost everything the day his boss turned out to be Bernie Madoff.

High on cocaine, Lief wandered the tall grass looking for a daddy to take him in and love him forever. Fortunately, he found Ash. Unfortunately, a fungal infection fused his most recently stolen backpack to his back and he can never take it off. It serves as a monument to his shameful criminal past.


Drawing is based solely on the tiny pixel image you see above and no other references.