Oh Lord.

The 6 hour drive from Klamath ended up being about 8 hours thanks to some extremely slow flatbed trucks coming up the 58, so I was late to the Ghost Tour which, thankfully had no attendees that I could figure.

So, after sleeping poorly in a strange bed, getting up at 7, giving a presentation, driving 8 hours at 45 miles an hour and standing for a tour that was unattended, I went straight back home and started working at 9pm. I’ve just wrapped everything up and it’s nearly 2am.

Now I’m going straight to sleep, because I need to wake up at 6am for another little presentation. At least this one’s close to home and for the tour, so it’s less official feeling.

My allergies have been killing me all day long, but thankfully I have been loaded up on anti-allergen herbs by both my neighbor, my doctor, and my acupuncturist. The inside of my face feels a little like somebody set it on fire, but that’s virtually my only symptom. Which, if you don’t have severe allergies probably doesn’t sound like a plus, but it is.