Official Voting Guide of Me Part 1

In light of the upcoming election, and the fact that I have yet to study my ballot with any real conviction, I’m killing two birds with one stone and turning my study time into blog time. Below is the first in a series in which I list the ballot measures and elected officials on offer and explain what they are, how I’m voting, and why.


President/Vice President of the United States

Thomas Hoefling/Robert Ornelas, American Independent
Jill Stein/Cheri Honkala, Green
Barack Obama/Joseph Biden, Democratic
Gary Johnson/James P. Gray, Libertarian
Roseanne Barr/Cindy Sheehan, Peace and Freedom
Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan, Republican

Of course I’m voting for Obama. For the second time in my life, I’m not just voting for the guy I hate the least, I’m actually voting for someone I believe in, and I don’t know now many more times I’m going to be able to do this. Obama said he was going to enact healthcare reform, end the war in Iraq, and make strides for gays and lesbians, and he has. He also made the right call on the car companies, even though I disagreed with him at the time. He signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, and the motherfucker killed Osama bin Laden. Our last democratic president didn’t deliver on half the promises in either of his two terms combined. We finally have a good, effective democrat in office, you know I’m not letting that go.

VOTE: Obama

United States Senator

Dianne Feinstein, Democratic
Elizabeth Emken, Republican

Dianne Feinstein is a mean bitch, but she’s our mean bitch and she’ll be just as shitty to supreme court nominees and opposing lawmakers as she would be to girl-scouts trying to sell cookies outside her local Ralph’s. I hate her face, but I love her voting record. Or at least I love it more than some random Republican.

VOTE: Feinstein

United States Representative; District 43

Maxine Waters, Democratic
Bob Flores, Democratic

Everybody knows that Maxine Waters is corrupt as shit. However, she’s a senior congressperson and a ranking minority member of the Subcommittee on Capital Markets and Government-Sponsored Enterprises, which means that if the democrats retake the congress, she’ll likely be the chairman. If Bob Flores was elected instead of her, he’d be nothing. So I’ll ignore her giving a (completely illegal) helping hand to her friends and family in the community if
she votes how I want when I want in the Senate, which is what she does.

Also, Bob Flores keeps robo-calling me, and his website is not only atrocious, but filled with glaring typos and grammatical errors, and I can’t stand for that shit.

VOTE: Waters

State Senator; District 35

Charlotte A. Svolos, Republican
Roderick “Rod” Wright, Democratic

Charlotte Solvos is a special education teacher with no political experience running against Rod Wright, the Democratic incumbent. She seems to be a moderate republican, supporting the union line on education and teachers, but the republican line on immigration and tax cuts for business. Looking at Rod Wright’s legislative record, he has a history of protecting the interests of my community like gang violence, education, and family law. I wish he had a more clear record supporting LGBT people and women, but given the district he serves, it’s not all that surprising.

VOTE: Wright

Member of the State Assembly; District 62

Mervin Evans, Democratic
Steven Bradford, Democratic

I’m just going to leave Mervin Evans’ “political philosophy” right here:

Dear Voters

I am very pleased to announce that Dr. Charles Moore, the Pastor of Building Your Faith Community Church is the State Chairman of my campaign. I invite your members to visit the website: Http:// The Board of Deacons is responsible for “teaching charity, urging concerns, and directing the people’s help to the friendless and those in need.” Deacons are often referred to as the arms and legs of the Church.

Please consider this letter as a Formal Request for a Board of Deacons Interview. I look forward to the joy of seeing you soon. I welcome an Interview date with Assemblyman Steven Bradford being present. There are several major issues:

Our Community Needs Jobs!

I do not support the Gov. Brown Tax Plan.

I am opposed to Bear Hunting.

I support making the UC / CSU / Community Colleges Free.

I support a 1-Strike 50 Year Prison Term for Sex Crimes against a Child and a 1-Strike 25 Year Prison Term for the crime of Adult Rape of a Woman.

I am opposed to Gay Education / Gay Studies for all students except High School age kids.

There are far too many High Risk Sex Offenders living in this community.

I support Gun Owner Rights and the Protection of the Second Amendment.


VOTE: Bradford

District Attorney; County of Los Angeles

Alan Jackson
Jackie Lacey

Is it shallow to say right off the bat that I lean toward Lacey just because she’s a black woman and I’m damn tired of voting for white guys? Thankfully for me, Lacey looks like she’s more qualified than Jackson, so I won’t feel like a ninny when I vote for her. As the current D.A.’s second in command, she has the management skills that Jackson, a life-long prosecutor, lacks. She also seems to have some ideas regarding vice crimes (drugs, homelessness, etc.) that could help reduce the county’s expenditures while helping to create a safer, more healthy community.

VOTE: Lacey

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