Obligatory Anti-Christmas Rant In Under 10 Minutes!

I just wanted to say that I could really do without Christmas, completely. Like, I understand that there needs to be a festival of lights, long dark winter, the nights getting shorter in anticipation of new beginnings etc, but this is ridiculous. This is some bullshit. We’re all broke this year-fuck, we’re all broke every year and yet, we keep digging ourselves a deeper hole just to give crap to douche bags we don’t even like. Well, you do. Everyone I’m getting a present for, I like. And on the one hand it is rather nice to have a day where we remember not to be assholes and give shit to our friends instead of just focusing all our rampant American consumerism on ourselves and our pets. But on the other hand, it’s a lot of hassle and we’re all dealing with it at the same time. Everybody has to take vacation at the same time, everybody has to be at the airport at the same time, Isn’t there a better way?
Also, suck it Jesus, you don’t even figure in to this shit!