My Blacklist Begins

Ben and I have found a new obsession: The Blacklist.

We tried to watch it when it first came out and I hated everything about it. James Spader was creepy without being interesting, the main girl was stone-faced and melancholy. Also, she kept touching that damn scar on her wrist, and I can tell you as someone with a pretty hardcore scar on her wrist, that shit is not okay. Scar tissue heals back weird, it’s never pleasant to touch it. The best you can hope for with a big scar like that is complete numbness, but that’s still a totally strange sensation. So, every time she petted that damn scar, I would get the ice cold willies just from watching it.

But, everybody said it got better, and it did. I recommend. I am enthralled, and Spader went from being one of my least favorite characters to being my most favorite character.

On the home front, I am owed an entire months expenses by various people and I am really trying not to go absolutely ape-shit over the fact that my savings is empty and there’s $37 in my checking. My car payment was due last week, as were several loan payments, student and otherwise, and I don’t have a red cent to pay them with, a fact that will be sure to earn me a nice pile of late fees.

If you happen to work with contractors, and you are reading this, FUCKING PAY THEM ON TIME. No one is in a position to be able to wait a month or more to get the money they earned. Least of all small-time freelancers like myself.

Tomorrow I’m waking up at the ass crack of dawn to go set up AV equipment for extra cash just so my balance doesn’t go into the negative while I try and figure out how long I’m going to have to play the game of the check’s in the mail before I go on a killing spree.

2 Replies to “My Blacklist Begins

  1. Gah. Contracts contracts contracts. Though that’s partially why I’m on hiatus, I gotta get all of those written up.

    Also, you should look up “Ramit Sethi” – he has scripts that you can use to help negate most of your late charges. It just usually takes a phone call and being nice to the person at the other end – especially if this is your first time on late fees, you have a good shot of getting them reversed.

    Good luck, and here’s one of the articles is on Bank Fees, poke around google and see if you can sign up for his mailing list and get a free PDF book on how to get various fees reversed or waved.

    1. Yeah, contracts are awesome. Thanks to my contract, I will be getting a late fee for at least one client. One I can’t charge late fees because of their contract. I wasn’t in a position to negotiate.

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