Most Interesting Quotes from the Ruffalo AMA

So, Mark Ruffalo, AKA The Hulk, personal almost acquaintance of mine from way back, did an AMA on Reddit today in an effort to drum up support for his Prizeo campaign for clean water, and I am here to supply you, my readers, with the most interesting quotes.

Also, Ruffalgifs

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What more can you say?

What more can you say?!

About a sexual paragon like Matt Bomer? Oh, perhaps that his lips taste like watermelon Jolly Rancher? Or maybe that he smells like fresh ocean breezes wafting through a thousand thousand lavender bushes? That he can starch a pair of designer slacks with just the power of his manly, yet sensitive gaze? That hanging out in bed with him is probably 85% of the world’s happy place, and you got to do it all day. At least once. I mean, probably all day. We all know movies need, like, a million takes.

But no, what you said is good too. I guess.

Although, to be honest, the only criticism I heard about that movie was that the gay sex was decidedly tame and reserved. Especially on the Ruffalo end.


Hulk really love tea.


… and Squirtle.


Tomorrow in Variety:, Has Zoe Saldana Been Typecast? Will She Ever Be Anything but Green Again?



Reddit: not afraid to ask celebrities the hard questions… or criticize their totally subjective answers.


I also learned that Mark Ruffalo has an Instagram. And he takes pictures like this on it. I’m following him now. Natch.

Also this:

No reason, except that I could watch that man put stuff in his mouth forever.