Look Like a Girl: How to Market to Women


August 9 was South African Woman’s day, and this was the shit that got served to them by Bic.

Because in my life as a business woman, I find it important to appear childlike, act fragile, think only of myself, and work as if I were the boss of something. Not like I am the boss or anything. That would be silly.

A lady boss.

What will they think of next?

When marketing to women, it’s important to insult our appearance, manners, intelligence, confidence and work habits all at once.

Women love products that make us feel horrible about who we are.


In real life, that has historically been a smart move for multinational marketing campaigns, and this might just be my sad and girly attempt at boss-thinking here, but times change. Your ad comes of as tone deaf. You fail to resonate with your market. Your research is flawed, your message is stale, and your returns are not good. You failed to take the global marketplace into account, your lack of diversity and/or lack of feedback opportunities in the production center is evident. You appear clumsy to the consumer and your leverage is shot. The market for capitalizing on my self-esteem issues is no longer viable.

Bossy enough?