Let’s Move in at 10pm

Our new neighbor started moving shit into his house at 9:30pm tonight, and something was still freaking out my dog as late as 11. So I guess that’s going to be a new adventure.

I’ve started watching NCIS. This is such an old people show. The lady cop is basically only there to reinforce negative female stereotypes, and the right-wing agenda is so strong that the entire show smells like Donald Trumpet’s stupid fucking hair.

And yet, I can’t stop.

So far I’m only on season 1. If the GIFs are anything to go by, original lady gets replaced pretty quickly because she isn’t in any of them. I refuse to check Wikipedia to confirm. I don’t want spoilers.

As for my brain, it’s better today. But yesterday and the day before pretty much wore me out.

Neighbor update: He decided to move some more stuff in through the back yard while I was trying to nap. Then when he left, he also left the back gate wide open. At this point, we’re either going to be best friends, or I will hate him forever.