Jake and Jessica Vol. 1 is on Amazon

JakeandJessica_vol1_minicover I am exited to announce that, due to your amazing support for Jake and Jessica, I have been able to publish Volume 1 on Amazon. Chapters 1-6 are available for $1.49.

At that price, I make about $0.50 a book. Amazon suggested I sell the book for $2.99, and I decided against it because I want the story to stay as accessible as possible in all its formats. The idea behind the Amazon version is to give people choices in terms of how they wan to read. I know Kindle is more convenient for some people. I also want to see how likely it is to generate outside interest by using Amazon as a channel.

Outside readers means more readers, and more support, and more frequent posting. So we want outside readers. In general, we also want more stories with some fucking diversity, so I’m throwing my lot in with the biggest game in town, in the hopes that I can contribute to that in some small way.

You can still read every chapter absolutely free on the blog, and I have no intention of changing that ever. But if you want a more portable, searchable, note-able format, it’s available to you on Amazon. I’ve also made it lend-able, so you can lend it to your friends.

Even if you don’t intend to buy the book, I’d appreciate it if you could go and give me a favorable review so that more people can find it.

Thank you again for your constant encouragement and good will. You guys are awesome.