Jake and Jessica and Transgender Sex

Jake and Jessica fans may want to pay special attention to this rant, although it may be of interest to any and all of you, if I know you like I do. And I think I do.

I’m bringing this to you, the reader, since you’ve been a part of the creation of Jake and Jessica from the beginning of the series when I posted the very first poll over a year ago. Since then, I’ve really liked writing the chapters, and I want to write more, but something has been rolling around in my head since I started to get more into their story: the sex.

Chapter one starts out with some pretty explicit sex, which I loved writing, and I was super glad for the ones that said you enjoyed reading it. My hang up is that I want to continue in that style, keeping the sex as explicit as it was the first time, but I also don’t want it to seem like I’m writing trans porn. Then again, If I write about my cis characters fucking, why wouldn’t I write about my trans characters fucking? And doesn’t the Internet need more trans people being portrayed with normal lives and loves and all that shit?

At this point, I’m pretty well decided that if Jake and Jessica continues, it will have explicit sex all around. But I want to write this to get the logical process out, for my own brain, but also for the record. In case it turns out to be a huge mistake.

I didn’t think twice about having my black main character fuck a white redhead in the first chapter because that’s not titillating in and of itself. It may have been once, and it probably could be to some people, or if it were written with more emphasis on race, but I wrote it like two equal people engaging in fulfilling sex, which is how I intend to write all the sex in Jake and Jessica.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not fully conscious of how trans people, women especially, are so frequently the object of sexual fetishizaion. Far be it from me to admonish a good kink now and again, but that shouldn’t be the whole of the literature on sexually active transgender people. Not that I’m some great pioneer here, people have been creating respectful media about queer sex for decades. And when I say respectful, I of course mean politically. The sex itself runs the gamut from loving wives to toilet slaves, as sex will do.

I want the sex in my stories to be arousing, but for the reasons that all good sex is arousing: the emotional tension, the physical ecstasy that transcends fetishistic objectification. You know, the squishy bits.

And I want the stories themselves to be character driven and interesting, and I want sex to be a part of them because I’m pretty tired of reading books that have the action and stress and wonder and joy of life, and yet somehow nobody’s fucking, or if they are it’s the one emotion the writer fails to convey. Not that I read that much besides business books and erotica these days. But that’s a blog for another day.

Of course all this could be for naught. There is always the possibility that I never write about these people again, and this means absolutely nothing. Although now I feel obligated to at least get to the first sex scene.