I’m Sorry, This is Supposed to Make Me Like Soccer?

If you didn’t know that the World Cup is upon us, you must be living under a rock somewhere in the American mid-west because it is fucking everywhere in my brain right now and I don’t even have TV. Nor do I read the paper, or listen to the radio. I’m a digital hermit. If it doesn’t happen on Twitter, it doesn’t happen, man.

Might want to rethink that copy, eh Hyundai?

Which leads me to the point. The World Cup is fucking depressing me. I’m getting bombarded by happy advertising while, in reality, state police offer heavily armed resistance to local workers and indigenous people protesting their government’s blatant disregard of the citizenry.

To date, Brazil has spent over 11 billion dollars on World Cup, and according to this International Business Times article from September, it is projected to make… 11 billion dollars! The same IBT article goes on to say there’s reason to doubt they’ll even make that.

If I was already a soccer fan, or a sports fan at all, maybe this wouldn’t bother me. I can’t think of any massively expensive, corrupt government installations I currently pretend not to see in order to root for whatever my equivalent of the home team is, but I guess if I could, I wouldn’t be ignoring them.

As the non soccer fan that I am, all I see is a big fat mess over something as petty and trivial as a kickball game. It may be too soon to tell, but I really don’t think I’ll ever understand sports. Or at least I really hope I never understand sports.