I’m Going To Be On Television?

Today, Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2013 at 10 pm. on Open Source with Leon Krauze on the new Latinoamerican bridge builing cable channel Fusion.

Also guesting will be LA Times’ music and video games critic Todd Martens Topless Robot and E! Online contributor Peter Paras. We’ll talk new consoles and new games.

If you happen to get that channel, DVR that shit for me, because you know we don’t have the TVs.

If the segment goes online, I’ll include a link.

Also HAHAHAHAHA I’ve never been on a real TV show before! A 2000 census commercial, yes*. Actual television. No.

*Don’t get excited. I was 14, I stood in an empty elementary school with about 300 other kids wearing school clothes and backpacks, and when the AD made the “walk” motion we all walked through the halls and into the classrooms. In the actual commercial we were completely blurred out with heavy block letters about how important the census is in the foreground, and you can’t even tell who was who. Which is probably a good thing because I totally looked straight into the camera like a dingus.

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