If It’s Not the Allergies, It’s the Heat

It was 92 degrees today. In LA, I could do 92 standing on my head. I once sat in 110 in the valley in a wool-blend suit with pantyhose and felt cold. I used to love a nice hot day so I could sit in the heat and bake the perpetual chill out of my bones. I was only ever warm in over 100.

Maybe it’s because I actually have an immune system now, or maybe it’s because the humidity is 53%, but I can not handle this heat. During daylight hours I can’t do anything but languish on my bed and wish for death. I’ve been doing all my work between 5 p.m. and 1 a.m, and drinking water like a fish.

I take multiple cold showers and I might as well be stepping into a sauna on the way out. I feel like I’m swimming through my days. Ben seems fine, but he grew up here. This is normal summer weather for him. To me, if feels like I got shot with a tranq dart.

2 Replies to “If It’s Not the Allergies, It’s the Heat

  1. It’s always the humidity. XD My brother moved to Florida then told me that the dry heat back in Cali is just sooooooo much easier to tolerate. Maybe try a dehumidifier?

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