I Took The Liberty of Finding Your Holiday Gifts

I’ve been living under the specter of anxiety that is the holiday season since about 10 seconds after Thanksgiving, and I’m pretty sure you have been too. In fact, yours is probably much worse since I’m already done with all my Christmas acquiring for the year (I believe the expression is NANA NANA BOOBOO). But I’m anything if I’m not generous (just kidding, you guys know that’s totally bullshit) so, out of the kindness of my heart (lol), in order to save the holidays for you and yours, I’ve been browsing etsy for things you should buy since, like I said, I already did all my shopping (NNBB).

And, as a special bonus shopping list, here’s a link of one of my most favorite, and least visited blog posts ever, The Elements of Grandma Style. Fortunately, I made the post with the future in mind. Each image is personally hosted by me, and each link goes to the store, rather than the product. You can go to that post and click on links, and they will direct you to awesome holiday shopping options in far greater numbers than you can even imagine!

Disclaimer: I probably don’t know these people. Unless I state otherwise I have never bought anything from them, so I have no idea if they’re good or shitty. I just think their pictures are cute.

A whimsical knit hat.

A less expensive knit hat.

A resin ring with gold inside it.

Natural toiletries with extremely attractive package design.

Earrings that will make people ask “Where did you get your earrings?!”

Necklaces that look like art.

A superhero onesie.

If that isn’t enough holiday shopping knowledge, here’s a post I wrote listing 5 gifts for geeks.

And if it still isn’t enough, here’s an incredibly large Reddit thread listing people’s favorite gifts for under $100.