I May Have a Problem

Is there a 12 step program for obsessively live-tweeting every television snow you watch? Because I did it again tonight. I live-tweeted an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (the title of which always makes me think of Degrassi Junior High: The Next Generation, even though I know STTNG came before DJHTNG. Whatever). Anyway, I’m convinced that Worf and Pulaski are having a steamy inter-species love affair. Although apparently I’m the only person who’s ever thought that because that may be the one pairing that violates Rule 34. Or at least if there is Worf/Pulaski slashfic, I can’t find it. Not that I’d want to. I kind of hate Pulaski. Well, I used to hate her for real, now I just love to hate her. Sometimes I feel like we’re kindred souls, her and me. Unappreciated in our time, let’s say.

Star Fleet needs more cunty women.

After that, I live-tweeted Arrow for this week, and if you’re not watching that show, you really, really should. The very first scene is just Arrow and Digg mostly shirtless, hitting each other with pipes. Other stuff happened too, but really, why would you care? It would only be better if they were naked hitting each other with pipes. More media needs to have men in various stages of undress hitting each other with things. The food network would be such a different channel if I were in charge.

How you gonna win when you ‘aint right within?

What else is going on in my life? Oh, I invited 113 people to Thanksgiving dinner. That was fun. I think I know why I’m always so overwhelmed with my life. It’s a rush to throw my future self in a mess of trouble and just look on over the intervening days like “How’s she gonna pull this one off?” The problem is, I forget that the present is a constant, and the future comes for us all eventually. But it’s cool, I actually know what I’m doing with this one. Of course all 113 people won’t be coming to Thanksgiving. I was just letting all my local friends know that my house is open to anybody who doesn’t have someplace else to be that day. Because I sure as hell don’t want to have to look at anybody I’m related to, and I need an excuse if they ask me. And we’re getting the house fumigated again the Monday before TG.

I have faith that everything will go however it goes. I’m not invested in anything other than having a place for people to be on what might otherwise be a lonely kind of day. Drop me a line if you’re a little lost lamb. It should be a pretty kickin’ holiday.

Me: Hey babe, read these last two paragraphs and tell me if it might cause someone to feel unwelcome at Thanksgiving? I’m actually excited to host and I don’t want people to think I’m too stressed out.

Ben: No. I think anybody who reads this blog probably knows what you’re like.