The Day I Learned to Make a GIF

I know, it’s embarrassing how late in life I have come to the gif-making party, but I didn’t have the Photoshop extension until I bought Adobe Creative Cloud.

Whatever. Only God can judge me.

As you can see, the addition of text to gif is still a little complex for my blood.

These are from the movie Freshman Orientation, which I would like to make into a Bad Movie Theater except that it’s not actually that bad. Plus it has a lot of actors in it that I love to see getting work, like my homie John Goodman.

2 Replies to “The Day I Learned to Make a GIF

  1. For keeping text in the same position, there is a little thing in the animated time line that drops down, and while on the frame and layer you want, click the “match frame across all layers” – position keeps it in the same position, uncheck “visibility” (I think that’s the one) if you have it disappear for a while. 😀 I’ve been making lots of GIFs lately too and OMG I effing LOVE creative cloud, how do you like it so far, aside from obvious gif-awesomeness?

    1. I really like it. I especially like that the idiotic machine limit is gone. It’ll ask me to log out sites I’m not using, but I can have it on anything and it makes me so happy!

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