I knew that twitchy eyed bastard was up to something!

So I’m at work, but off the clock, just to post a lil’ sumthin

I was listening to 90.7 this morning and they were doing coverage or the protests outside the democratic national convention and it made me think. They asked, like, four of the protesters who they were voting for and two said that they were voting for Kerry as a vote against Bush (which is what I’m doing), one said he was voting for Dennis Kusinitch and one said “Nader, if he’s on the ballot”. And here’s my comment: Kusinitch, I can maybe understand. You’re obviously ‘special’, but thanks so much for participating in democracy you blind, sad bastard. But Nader?! Since you’re at this protest, I know it would be naive to ask you what you’ve been smoking, I’m hip, I protested shit back in the day, but the magic herb didn’t make you as stupid as you are! One: Of fucking course Nader is on the ballot fuckmo, how can you be at a protest at the DNC and not know that shit, did they just liberate you from the lab sweety? (if so, my sincerest apologies). Are real people still thinking that Nader is the right thing to go? NADER’S FINANCIAL IDVISER GUY IS LIKE THE MOST RIGHT WING MOTHERFUCKER IN THE WORLD!! Don’t you see what this proves? yes, yes, republicans are evil and will shit on their beliefs for a buck, but it also proves that Nader is one of them. By running again he’s only taking votes away from Kerry. It’s not like some fat white guy out in Texas somewhere is going to drop his “you’re a murdering whore” sign, turn to his buddy and say “well Jimbo, I’m leaving this planned parenthood to start a ‘rednecks for nader’ club, wanna join up?” Yeah, that’s as realistic as me shitting out a picture of Vin Desil actually fucking a real women.

Just please, if you are reading this, vote Kerry. We have no proof that the limpdicked little oil spawn isn’t going to steal this one as well, but at least lets try and get the kind of numbers that can’t be disputed, so if he does win again I know whether to flee the country now or if I have time to wait till after college.

Also: I found the money order recept and will be going to collect my $400 as soon as I leave here