I forgot what day it is

Today is Friday. For some reason, I spent all of yesterday thinking it was either Friday (so no need to write a blog) or Wednesday.

This became significant when I went to see a client and I parked in a spot that very clearly said NO PARKING THURSDAY 2-8PM. Well, it was Wednesday in my world, so I parked there behind the line of cars who either also thought it was Wednesday, or more likely weren’t planning to be there past two, which I was.

I got out of my client meeting, was pleasantly surprised to see a farmers market setting up in the street, and moved along. Then I realized that I had walked past my car. Because the farmers market was setting up around my car. Not only were the farmers pretty mad at me, I felt like a complete idiot.

I was going to have to wait until after the market closed at 8 to come back and get it. I was about to go get Big Ben so we could get coffee with his dad, then I had another meeting at 6. I was so mad at myself, that of course I had to tell all the Farmers how dumb I was. Which is apparently what you need to do when people are already thinking you’re very dumb because one guy offered to move his tent if I paid him.

So, for $20 and help moving the tent, I saved so much time and effort.

I still have a $45 parking ticket I have to pay, but it’s small potatoes compared to the loss of both money and time that not being able to get to my meeting would have cost me.

Which I guess is a very long way of explaining why I’m writing Friday’s blog on Friday (unheard of) rather than on Thursday when I usually do.

I’m feeling more like a tourist than I was when I first got here. I finally remembered my defensive driving skills yesterday when some hosebeast on Venice tried to cut me off and I swore on my ancestors that she would not succeed. She didn’t. My passenger may or may not have screamed, but I remain victorious.