I Actually Called a Doctor

That’s how desperate I am. Of course, I called her after hours and left a message and about 80% of me hopes she never calls me back because I don’t need a doctor, I am fine.

Sometimes when I’m really sick for a long time, I’ll notice I’m better because my allergies will come back as terrible as they can possibly get. It’s like my immune system has forgotten about the unifying threat that held it together and has decided to go back to tearing the country apart over petty pollens and grass spores.

So, either this is the actual turning point, as opposed to all those fake turning points I swore were happening earlier, or non-stop sneezing and inside-of-face skin-itching is just a new part of my overall suffering.

It’s Halloween weekend. I can’t be like this.

2 Replies to “I Actually Called a Doctor

  1. Well, if it persists through Halloween weekend, at least you can dress as Typhoid Mary and just pretend you’re doing a bit.

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