How to Blog on Vacation


I’m sitting at my office desk on Saturday before my vacation, writing this so that it will publish next Tuesday as if I were here blogging the whole week when really, I will be in Rockaway Beach, OR with my amazing boyfriend on our first ever non-family vacation.

Previous vacations, I have blogged through, or I’ve scheduled some of the blogs. But this is the first one where I will not be blogging again until the Friday after Thanksgiving, when I will post my annual Thanksgiving Twitter Hall of fame, showing what America’s best and brightest did over the holiday. Previous HoFs include 911 calls, vomit, and stabbings.

So, this is how I plan to blog on vacation this vacation: I won’t.

I’m going to write all of next week’s posts today and tomorrow, and then I’ll be blog-free for the first time in more than two years. I don’t know what I’ll do with myself. There is a small fear that I’ll stop and never start again. But I don’t think I’ll do that. If I need to, I’ll just write blogs to publish the week after next. When I first started blogging, I used to write 10 posts ahead of schedule. But that was because I wasn’t sure I’d really be able to blog every night.

While we’re vacationing, I plan on taking a ton of pictures so I can write about it when I come back. And you guys know me, I can’t stay off social media to save my life. If I’m not online it usually means that something’s wrong with me. So it’s not like I’ve really gone anywhere.

Of course, there’s the other fear that once Ben and I finally get together by ourselves without work or family to distract us, we will realized that we’re horribly wrong for each other and break up. But, I feel more sure that if we don’t spend some real time together here soon, we’ll be headed for a break up anyway. Not like we’d skip one date night and then have a falling out the likes of which will never be reconciled, just that We’re both stressed out, exhausted, and we both tend to bury ourselves in work when we’re scared. I especially feel the need to work constantly. At dinner, in the car, in bed, even in the middle of a conversation from time to time.

So, this vacation is kind of an experiment.

I even have a contingency plan. If it turns out I really do need to work, I’m reserving about two hours a day where work will happen and no more than that.

Then if that doesn’t work, I’ll just cry and move to a state where it’s legal to marry a cell phone.