How did you get into college, kid?

Well, I’m working 19 hours a week now, before it was only ten, but it’s still not enough to cover the loss of my other job. I started applying today and made a big old list of places in the aread that sounded cool to work at. I’m gonna call ’em all tomorrow.

I’m worried that working this much and going to school is going to damage my grades, but what other option do I have? I was talking to my mom today and she said something about how it is to work a ligitimate job instead of, say, selling drugs. If the state of California didn’t take away your grant money for drug charges, I’d totally deal. I could make so much cash offa these rich kids… it makes my head spin. Besides, drugs are bad and all that. No, really, even though I believe that an addict will end up that way anyway, I don’t want to be the person that sold little joey exchnge student his first taste of whatever ends up ruining his life.

In other notes, lit class has become my own personal hell. There’s this kid in there who I’m sure never reads the assignment, or doesn’t know what’s going on, but decides to use the majority of class time telling the mousey little professer his opinion on the topic he picks out of the text, which ultimatly has nothing to do with lit theory. (how did you get into college, kid?). In highschool, this would have been fine, more sleep for me, but now there’s a midterm comming up, and all I can think about is what lit-kid thinks about those dirty awful feminists.

Why life doesn’t suck as much as yesterday: I talked to my Dad, and he said that he’d have to clear it with work, but we’ll probably be meeting in San Francisco for the week surrounding Christmas so I can see him and we can hang out. Christmas in Frisco is gonna be cool