House Troubles

The scab has almost fallen off of my tattoo. It itches

I’m still planning to live in my car, and tonight I talked with my friend Alastair who will be homeless for real by the end of the week, so I feel some solidarity.

There are a few of us with the fantasy that we could lease a wharehouse and live in it, but it’s probably not going to happen, coz someone’s name has to go on the lease, and no one can afford to be stuck with the bill if someone else bails.

My friend Angie’s dad lived in a van for the past two years, and coz he’s living in a garage now, he offered to donate the van to me, but it doesn’t run so I’d have to have somewhere safe to park it full time if I were to live in it. I had to turn him down coz I don’t have a place like that right now.

Right now I’m just glad to be out of the house I live in. My roommate is really nice, but her son treats her like shit all the time, and as a result she’s always in a bad mood. They always fight, and it’s just not a good environment because I start wondering what kind of world we live in where a kid like that has a place to live rent free and I don’t, which is pointless because I’ve already decided I don’t want a free ride anyway.