Hot Girl

I got in a little argument with Jonno tonight about the names I was calling these two girls he hooked up with. One was pretty bad, and I immediatly agreed to stop it, but the other one, I was just calling ugly and I gave this whole big speech about how I was justified. Eventually he stopped answering back. I think he gave up.

It did get me thinking, though. I’ve been acquainted with this girl for like, four years, and I’ve never even said more then a few words to her in all that time. She’s the girl that ALL my friends want to fuck, of course I’m not going to talk to her. I guess she pissed me off coz she just happened to be born hot. No one knows if she ever accomplished anything she had to work at, or if she has any apparent skill. The girl could very well be illiterate, and none would be the wiser. Then again, I’ve never talked to her, I don’t know a damn thing about her, which is where the thinking I’ve been doing comes in. By calling her ugly, I was objectifying her just like my friends do. I knew this, and yet I (a femminist!) continued to do it because I felt that she was utterly useless in every possible way, having no real substance or character. I may have been in the wrong.

Even if I was right, and this girl has no substance, I suppose it’s none of my business. Maybe she can’t help being vapid more than I can help being a fucking bitch.

So the long and short of it is, I apollogized to Jonno, and I asked what it was they talked about, becuase I seem to rememebr him mentioning it fondly, and maybe what he tells me will lend some insight to the situation. I still won’t talk to her though, She remains the girl all my friends want to fuck, and there seems to be a kind of line between her and us, which makes me happy I’m on this side, with my friends, and not on the other side with her, like a thing, to be had or not.

More and more lately I find myself extremely happy to be the fat little wierd girl that no one wants. At least this way I can be funny, or smart, or creative, and not just hot. Becuase, if you’ve noticed, when a girl is hot, she’s generally nothing else in addition. I feel bad for hot girls.