Here I Am

So, first entry on live journal. Still don’t know how some of it works, but I’ll ask Katy. I’m one more class and two days of work away from going home for Thanksgiving. I just found out that I probably can’t work full-time during inter-term, which was something I was really counting on, but this way, maybe I can get all my work done in three days and have four day weekends at home, which would be cool, coz it would have been really depressing if I were to stay here during the week when my roommates back in Seattle.

Got nothing else to say, just can’t wait for Wednesday to end so I can go home, home, home, home. Oh, and I also can’t wait ’till I get paid on Tuesday so I can buy soy bacon when I get home, make my protein sandwich, ingest it, and stop dreaming about meat.