Hello Sweetie

This has been an even longer Tuesday than my Tuesdays usually are. All I can do is add bullet points to whatever’s left of my completely addled brain and offer it to you before I fall asleep. I love you all. Except for the shitty ones.

  • I think my therapist broke up with me. At our last session, he said he was really busy, and he had a lot to do, but that he’d call me when he had room in his schedule. That was awhile ago now. Whatever, I feel like I’ve come to a place with my mom where I’m finally approaching her as an adult, rather than as a child. Also, I’m busy too, you know.
  • I drew this on my phone a few months ago. It’s us sitting in the lunch room alone, being bored. I look at it a lot because it’s probably the last time I got to sit quietly anywhere.
  • So today, I hugged two of my friends at the same time, effectively giving me a lady on each arm, and then I said ‘hey, I feel like a rapper.” Then I magically and awkwardly locked eyes with the only other person of color in the room. How do I manage to always do these things?
  • I am so tired right now, this is how I probably look:

    Why yes, that is our beautiful cat, Medusa. Living up to the name.
  • You really need to know about Pavel Petel, like, right now. NSFW.