Hello Instagram

I have become obsessed with Instagram. Look forward to a new icon on the sidebar in the coming weeks. (Yes, I said weeks. I’m trying to build a business over here.)

In the meantime, here are some of my personal favorites:

Of course I had to Instagram that supermoon image from last night.

I know I’ve said a lot about how terrible my childhood was, but it was also at least partially charmed living in such an amazing place.

I never really got the appeal of Instagram, but two things happened in the same general time frame that made me re-evaluate my disinterest. First, twitter’s native image host borked itself, so 1 out of 2 image tweets wouldn’t post and second, a bunch of my twitter friends started posting their Instagrams to Twitter. So not only was I unable to share images, I was hourly getting updates from people who could, and I was increasingly tired of navigating out of my app to see their pics. So I got an Instagram. And now I’m obsessed. It’s a little bit adorable that the very thing that kept me away at first: how easy it is to turn shitty phone pics into attractive “art” situations is also what makes me love it so much. Everything I make is beautiful. Finally the promise of my liberal arts education has been fulfilled!