Half of Design is Taking Out the Cum

They say that half of design is taking out the dicks and the swastikas. Anybody who works for milk, or milk-like products should add cum to that prestigious industry filter.

Friend Chief found this amazing, cumtastic piece of milk promotion.

Let’s break it down:

The face you make when you know it’s about to hit your back:


The face you make when you remember that you forgot you kind of like it when it hits your back:


When you haven’t been able to find any “alone time” recently: (Or so I hear)


When you have a supportive, loving friend group:


When you just cant seem to get it off your hand:


That feeling of anticipation:


That ends in disappointment:


And finally, if we didn’t already get it, the logo is like two little dicks, coming at each other from opposite sides of the space:


Fortunately, Milk Life (with dicks) isn’t the first campaign to make this rather creepy analogy. Silk’s bukake version is even worse. Much worse.

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