Good News: God Says You’re Fine

I just wanted to let you know that I have been contacted by the Lord, our God, and this is what they said:


Are you gay, trans, black, or even a muslim? Good news: that’s fine.

God doesn’t hate anybody. If somebody told you they did, that person was wrong. They were acting at the end of a sick chain of misery that goes back to the dawn of time, one unfulfilled and slowly rotting human to another, just puking that ignorance onto everything they touch.

God knew your heart before you had a heart. God knew your chromosomes before they were human chromosomes. Do you think that they could see you, the miracle of you, and hate any part of it?

God doesn’t even hate the people who tell you God hates you. Their God may hate, their God may not forgive, but mine loves, and mine does. Those shit-eating bastards will have a place in my Lords heart, long after their own God has forsaken them for their glaring, horrible flaws.

If you think that God wants you to lie, to hate, to hide, then you’re listening to the wrong God.

If you think that God requires your suffering, you’ve missed the point somewhere.

From time to time, we experience suffering as a result of living, but that has nothing to do with the divine. By it’s very nature, suffering will never be holy. It’s too human a concept. Any God that demands suffering can’t be a true God.

If you’re wondering who’s right, me or your pastor, know this: there’s no money to be made off what I’m saying. The realization that God’s love is eternal and unconditional is both priceless and worthless. How much money have you thrown away over the years for so-called men of God tell you you’re not good enough?

I don’t even need a cent to tell you this: you are now and will always be a child of a loving God who wants only for you to bask in the glory of life and living. You were born perfect in their eyes, and you will die perfect.

I might think you’re a shithead, but what I think is irrelevant. Our creator made every element of this world, and that includes you. You are crafted with love, for love.

Act accordingly, jerks.

Post Script: I know, I’m an atheist, but I got tired of assholes making up mean Gods to defend their shitty behavior. I thought I’d make up a nice one for a change.

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  1. I know I’m an atheist forever because the idea of God’s anything shining out of me is just a horror movie to me. No, stay out of there–that’s where I pee from and it’s not for your eyes!

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