Finally, Finally, We Are All the Way Moved to Portland

We moved all our stuff from Ben’s parents’ house in Corvallis to our new house in Portland on Saturday. It’s now Sunday night, and I’m still a complete mess. We spent the entire day trying to unpack and get this house ready for habitation. Mostly, it has been a failure.

We drove around everywhere and wasted hours and energy looking for furniture that we ended up going home and buying online. The box level seems to be rising, if anything, and I think I’m starting to get sick, although that could be allergies. Everything is in bloom.

What I can say is that we got our computers set up in time for work on Monday, and most of the things we failed to find and/or figure out how to transport home today will be getting delivered on Wednesday thanks to the fine folks at Amazon.

I think it’s funny to write this, because I ended up spending about an hour just uploading and captioning these pictures, but I’m too tired to write a big post. Here’s some pictures from Corvallis and a couple from the move.

Ben’s mom put this on the sterilized sugar water she made for the humming birds when she left it to cool all day. It was driving me crazy. I wanted to disturb it so bad.
Oh you know, just ducks peacefully bobbing around in a stream on my Corvallis dog-walk route.
I’ve been participating in the sketchdaily subreddit, or at least I was until the move. This was for the “reflections” theme.
Here's the photo I took to show Reddit what the reflection was actually of.
Here’s the photo I took to show Reddit what the reflection was actually of.
More random streams in Corvallis.
It’s a little hard to see, but that’s the moon hanging over the top of this cherry tree. The colors were all so bright. The picture doesn’t do them justice.
This poor bitch has been under a lot of stress.
I was taking a picture of Ben…
When suddenly dog.
I can’t get enough of the fact that there’s fucking water EVERYWHERE.
And flowers
Everything was fucking adorable.
I snapped this picture of our new street the day before we moved in.
These are the colors we painted our walls.
These are the colors we painted our walls.
Ben went ahead of us with the movers and the truck, so Pepper decided to sulk by the door.
Of course Clayface gets to come too.
I went and picked Medusa up from the pet hotel. She was grumpy. It didn’t help that she messed up her eye while she was there.
She peed on the backseat so I had to wash her. Such drama, it was like I tried to kill her. She immediately found the nearest hole and crawled into it.
When she decided to stop sulking.
This is a lie. We got to isle 28 bin 40 and found a damn mirror. Then when we finally did find what we were looking for, they packed what was supposed to be a support frame for a Queen bed into two of the longest boxes I’ve ever seen. There’s no way that would fit in any car. Joke’s on IKEA, we bought something way more appropriate for our needs on Amazon. Because fuck IKEA. That place has to be at least three different circles of hell.
Some pretty pink graffiti back in Corvallis.