Day from Hell

At about 12am today, I found out that a couple I have known forever, I was there when they first re-met (the first time they met they didn’t like each other), whose child I love like the most precious thing in the world (yes, there is ONE child in the world I don’t hate), are getting divorced. I totally thought that they had made something good happen. That sucks. At first, I totally thought he was joking when he told me she was leaving him. I still harbor the secret hope that it is really a joke, and they’re just horrible people to put me through such a thing, but I’m pretty sure it’s true.

bleh, hate the world.

In other news, the fire alarm was pulled in the dorm at 1am to proove that one dorm community was better than another, for no apparent reason coz I could give a fuck anyways. Grow fucking up. Also, I went to my film class with my paper outline, only to find that the outline’s due next week and the MIDTERM was today. FUCK. I totally pulled it all out of my ass. If I get any better than a D- I’m going to become a nun coz that would have to be an act of God.

In summary, today was calamitous, and I’m fucking glad it’s over. In fact, I’m so glad it’s over, I’m actually in a really good mood right now.