Did you ever notice how wrestlers and baseball players were the dudes with the best butts? I don’t mean WWE, I mean old school wrestling. AKA the good kind.

Although new school wrestling has it’s fair share of bodacious bottoms.

CM Punk. Fun Fact: Ben calls him Star Panties
CM Punk. Fun Fact: Ben calls him Star Panties

I’ve heard that WWF is basically soap operas for bros. Sometimes I think I should get into it because if there’s something I love more than scantily clad dudes touching each other, it’s scantily clad dudes making every excuse to keep touching each other.

Then again, I think UFC already has everything I need.

Georges St-Pierre vs Carlos Condit
Every. Thing.

What can I say, I prefer action over story.

As for herbal remedies, I took an alternative medicine class in college. For some reason, it fulfilled a PE credit so I didn’t have to take Women’s Self Defense twice.

Oh wait, even more tragic, I’m pretty sure it fulfilled a science credit.

As you probably guessed, I don’t place a lot of value on alternative medicine. I can tell you first hand the kind of bullshit people peddle when there’s no licencing or trade authority. A lot of alternative/herbal healing shit is just that: shit. My crazy mom paid a schizophrenic $200 to make me a Reiki master for my 12th birthday. I’m like a spirit healing Doogie Howser, except that Doogie Howser’s medicinal abilities are far more believable to me.

I could write an entire blog on my experience with faith healing, and how it effects my perception of the alternative medicine scene. In fact, I think I will. I’m too tired to do this subject justice tonight. Tune in tomorrow for the terrible tale of the twelve year old faith healer.

And I know, you asked about herbs, not chi-healing, but I’ll talk about that too.