Cheers and Jeers Manicure

You may be excited to know that I finally got some sleep on Thursday night. Friday was like a whole new world.

Anyway, I was painting my nails tonight and I thought I’d take a few pictures. It’s nothing fancy, but I like it.

I used Nutra Nail Bulletproof Strength Forumla, Revlon Red 680, Revlon Silver Dollar 928, Pop Nail Glam De-Glaze 330, and NYC Starry Silver Glitter 105A. I couldn’t find the Pop Glam polish for sale anywhere, but here is an Essie top coat that does the same thing the Pop Glam top coat does.

I started with the Nutra Nail base coat, then the red.

Then I added a silver racing stripe.

Pop Glam top coat

And glitter highlights.

Pepper approved.

and it goes with my PJs

Anyway, goodnight.