Celebrity Rapist Role Call: Terry Richardson


Just your friendly neighborhood bloggist reminding you that popular fashion photographer Terry Richardson is a fucking rapist. But don’t take my word for it.

A lot of really creepy rapers try to hide behind the label of being “sex positive,” but the number one element in sex positivity is fucking consent.

Putting your dick on someone’s face when they’re not expecting it is rapey, inviting yourself to someones cunt secretions is rapey, taking pictures of yourself fucking a 19 year old in exchange for class credit is rapey.

If you have to obfuscate your sexual intentions, you’re gearing up for some good old fashioned coercive rape.

The problem isn’t that he wants to drink (or whatever) period blood. The problem is that he never asked if she was cool with that, and acted like she was the weird one for not being cool with it. It’s just plain fucking manners, and any non-rapist would know that.


I bet this douche didn’t try to sneak-fuck the president.