Carmel Vacation: Day 3

For our third and final day in Carmel, we walked over to Katy’s Place for breakfast again. It was so good the day before, we just had to go back. And since it was Monday, there wasn’t a wait at all. After that, we walked around a little bit and enjoyed the feeling of Carmel, wandering in and out of shops and looking at the amazing houses and buildings before we said our goodbyes. Ben and I drove home, and his parents headed to the rest of their vacation.

This trip came in the middle of a very stressful time for me at work. I don’t talk about work on my blog because I feel like it’s unprofessional to blog about the office too much. Suffice it to say we were on a major campaign, and at the time we didn’t know what the outcome would be and the whole team was exhausted.

Even though the vacation was only three days long, it was the perfect amount to reset my brain. I left work definitely edging toward the end of my rope, and came back completely refreshed and ready to do my best no matter what. It just so happened that the campaign was successful, and now things are really getting exciting. I’m glad I had this break to walk around with my awesome boyfriend and his wonderful parents in the crisp, fresh beach air.