Canadians Walk Like This 0-|<


The problem with living in the Pacific Northwest is that I just can’t pick the Canadians out of a crowd like I could in LA. Those crazy Canadians are always wearing tank tops in 70 degree weather and hugging palm trees and things. Up here that’s pretty normal. Except for the palm tree bit. That was unique to one Canadian ever, to my knowledge.

I guess the major difference is that Oregonians are still rude from time to time. The other day I saw a grandmotherly dog-walker flip off an SUV for appearing to disregard a stop-sign. At least I think that’s what was going on.

Also, the strangest thing: From what I can tell people are more polite in Portland than outside of it. I’ve had more rude shit happen to me in the suburbs than in the city. It’s very odd.

I have a feeling that the longer I live here, the more I’ll pick up on the apparent sub-rivalry that’s going on between the Portland soccer team and the Vancouver, BC soccer team. The real rivalry is between them and the Seattle team, but I have a feeling Portland is like Seattle’s much cuter but less outgoing friend, and every time Seattle does anything we tag along, but everybody only ever talks to Seattle so they can gaze longingly at us.

Because Portland is the best.

I’m sorry, what was the question?

Anyway, one thing’s for sure. If this test vacation doesn’t kill us, I’m planning for our next big non-work trip to be to Canada.

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