Being Shitty to Service Staff Isn’t Liberal Activism

Wanna know how I know that you’ve never worked in retail?

Because you do shit like this at the local Hobby Lobby:

Person blacked out because this isn’t a personal attack.

This is probably crazy to think about but sexist, anti-abortion Hobby Lobby execs aren’t going to be the ones staying an extra 30 minutes that night putting all the letters back, or staying an extra 60 minutes after that scrubbing all the pro-life, pro-choice graffiti off the walls because you decided that it was cool to start a rhetoric war on their display shelf.

Editor’s note: If that isn’t clear, the graffiti is in the instance where some dumbass sees the letters, gets angry, and decides to take it to the next level by writing directly onto the display shelf with a marker. I’ve seen it before.

Stop being an asshole. The employees who work at shit companies like Hobby Lobby are already down, don’t make it worse than it has to be.

If you feel strongly about something, how about you go to the fucking legislature, how about you donate your time and money to people who are part of the solution?

No one at Hobby Lobby is going to see your activist tweet and stop using religion to try and weasel out of their obligation to employee healthcare. But other privileged, ignorant buttholes will, and soon enough tons of people will be actively making the already embattled Hobby Lobby staff even more hopeless and downtrodden. Good job, you’ve succeeded in picking on poor people and making us all look like douche bags.

If you think that fucking up people’s already crappy days by messing with their inventory is stupid, counteract this idiocy. Donate to Planned Parenthood, an organization that is actually working to protect our right to healthcare, no matter who we are or where we work.

As a jump-start, I donated $20.

You guys know money has been crazy tight around here lately. I haven’t been buying things for myself. Partly because we can’t afford it, but also because I feel terribly guilty whenever I do. So I’ve had a weekly business goal, and when I meet it, I get to buy one thing I want but don’t need. This week, I’m breaking that rule, because I not only want healthcare for women, I fucking need it. Instead of another book, or an album, I’m putting my goal money into the future.

Donate your time, donate your money, but for fuck’s sake, let’s do something that actually makes this planet better instead of worse.

I’m a little bugged by the gendered language there, P.P. Any *person* can walk into Planned Parenthood and get the reproductive and sexual health care *they* need. But you’re welcome anyway.

If you donated, please comment, share, or RT. I have a feeling nobody will, I know shit bad all over, but I’d like to shout you out if you do.

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  1. What graffiti? Wood letters hardly count as “graffiti.” Look, this article is nothing but whiny. I’ve worked in an arts and crafts store before (not Hobby Lobby) and trust me, putting wood letters back in order is an everyday thing and the least of anyone’s problems at the end of the day.

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