Bad Luck Blogger

Last night, Ben and I were talking about the curious situation where I downloaded the All in One SEO Pack, and started using the Google Keywords Tool to optimize my search engining, but instead of getting more hits from this, in the 5 days since I started using SEO, my readership has actually fallen by half. While I realize that 5 days is in no way representative of a substantial sample, the whole thing’s still a little bit Bad Luck Brian.

Anyway, guess who found out that the British Queer as Folk is on Netflix instant streaming? That’s a terrible guess, it was me. Netflix says it’s series 2, but it’s actually series 1 and 2, which is the entire run of the show since they only had 2 serieses, or seasons, or whatever stupid English nonsense stands for a unit of television programming.

The Brits don’t hold a candle to the American version, but watching it saves me having to go all the way to the living room to take my 2 seasons of American QAF off the shelf when I want to watch dudes dramatically gaying out with each other.

I know the prestigious sixmonth blogaversary was hardly a month ago, but that was mostly about my life and not really about the blog at all. Over the last 6+ months, I’ve gotten some feedback, and I do have some regular readers. (Although another 2 weeks of SEO will wipe them out completely at this rate.) And what I’ve learned from that is: I really want more interaction with my readership, I want to be a part of a community.

Writing is fulfilling in and of itself, even if I were typing these up and throwing them into a hole in the ground, it would be helpful. I can already feel like I have a written voice again, something I had basically abandoned when I started copyrighting (you don’t want to sound too interesting or creative in catalog copy). However, I want peers. I read blogs, but the majority of them are extremely popular, their comment sections overflow with comments and compliments. I feel like I’m just making more work for the blogger if I throw my small straw to that poor camel’s back.

It’s not even like there’s an iTunes for blogs like there is for podcasts, a medium I actually am familiar with. Every blog directory and forum I find is 2 years old and riddled with spam. Is this a dearth of information or a glut of it? Blog networks like Blogher overwhelm me, there seems to be no home for the small time blogger, only the excited newby who will be gone in 2 weeks, and the megablogger who already has 3 books in publication, and a TV show in the works.

So tonight at dinner with Big Ben and Carrie, B. Ben suggested that I start soliciting advice requests from my readers. I already give occasional advice in other venues across the Internet as well as real life. I am credited as giving excellent advice, and it’s something I really like to do. (A shocking admission from a know-it-all like myself, I’m sure.) I mean, I started this SEO shit so that I could get more readers and therefore more reader interaction, why not cut out the middle men? So, dear readers, comment or email me your troubles and I will blog a solution just for you. Tens of Interneters and personal friends can attest to my wisdom, join their well advised ranks!

And look what my fortune cookie had to say at dinner! This can’t possibly turn out bad!

Also, what blogs do you read, what’s your blog if you have one? I really want more bloggers in my life over here.

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  1. Ok. I just read you’re becoming a dear Abby type. Here goes!! I fucking loathe my job. The people are toxic and I have zero friends. None if them are even my FB friends. The upside…. I get payed pretty ok. The hours are perfect. I can take time off if needed. I can work overtime and I get free insurance. The downside…..I work with cunts. There’s no real future unless I get certified (which means two years of college for something I have zero passion for) (I’m a lab technician at a derm lab) So do I find another job to start over? It will mean starting at the bottom, getting payed less with hopes of gaining raises with my awesomeness, and paying for insurance but possibly being happier…..fml

      1. Thanks so much for the advise! Ill bide my time begrudgingly. If that’s how u even spell that. Lil. But yeah. Ilk save and look. Thanks!!!

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