Bad Habits

Went to San Diego 2 weekends ago, had some fun. Got meat in my food at one of the restaurants we went to, freaked out and started screaming. I never freak out about anything the way I freak out about meat in my food, I don’t entirely understand it, because way worse shit has happened to me, and when I consider the fact that I’m a vegetarian because I don’t want to support the meat companies, it shouldn’t matter at all, because it’s not like I bought the meat that they gave me, but I started screaming anyway, totally uncontrollable screaming and yelling cuss words, one of my friends had to put her hand over my mouth to keep me quiet, but I got free food, as well as replacement food.

Last weekend, I was planning to stay home and recuperate from 5 weekends in a row of not being home or moving from one home to another, but I got sketchy at about 4pm on Saturday, left, and didn’t come back until 10pm on Sunday. I went to Ben’s, we ate Chinese and watched American History X, then I went to I went to Kate’s house, thought about calling Paul and Alex, and felt like a jerk because I said I would and I didn’t, but I’ve been in the middle of a crowd for the last 5 weeks, If I wasn’t going to be good and stay home, I figured I should at least try to stay small scale. Besides, I’m going to be back up that way next week, so I’ll call you guys then, If you’re reading this.

Anyway, Kate and I saw Shaun of the Dead, greatest film of all time!!! So fucking funny, I suggest that anyone reading this run out and see it, skip work, fuck school, this is the only thing you need to be a complete person, I swear to God. After the movie, we went to her house and watched Pump Up the Volume, which I had never seen before. In the morning, I watched Pitch Black with Kate’s dad. Not a bad film.

After that, I hung out with my Grandma, and we went to see Shark Tale. The way they animated the fish to look like people, even to the point of making their fins look like arms and legs, and giving them human faces kinda freaked my shit out, they looked really mutated and scary. On top of that, the story wasn’t very good, the only thing I did like was that there was a total hidden theme because the Jack Black shark is sooooooo gay, and even though they keep saying his dad should accept him because he’s a vegetarian, they really mean his dad should accept him coz he’s a queer, which made me happy, teaching children to be nice to the gays is always a good thing. After the movie, we got lost in Glendale, and had Chinese, which I promptly and completely threw up. This I took as a sign that the weekend was over, and even though I was thinking of going to Ben’s to watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, he said he’d watch it with me another time.

I feel really drained, and kinda wish I could go back to sleep, but I gotta stay here and get some work done, and then go to class. Then I can sleep all I want.