Atheist Domain Names – If you’re an old punk who refuses to be told whose name you can and can not take in vain. GOD DAMMIT. – Atheist’s best friend.

Does anybody else think this comes across a little… I don’t know… dog fuckey? – Queer and/or quirky – If you want that charity bookstore vibe – Sending a positive message – If you’re still mad about father touchey and/or a Pat Benatar fan. – If you’re just gonna link a Tumblr anyway. – If you were a poet in high school. – Masturbation activism . – Sex positive/lesbian news center. – This only works if your name is Jesus. Otherwise, totally pro-God. – For our ex-Muslim and Semitic friends. – Fish. – For geometry nuts and anybody whose mom had that stupid fucking “ANGELS ARE REAL” bumper sticker in the 90s. – Evolution, duh. – Again, evolution. – For the ex-Muslim bread enthusiast. – For stoners named John. Or people who only smoke on the toilet. – You may be a recovering Catholic, but you’ll never be a recovering alcoholic. Or at least that’s what you say now. – If you’re passionate about epoxy. – Condom enthusiasts. – If you’re name is Todd. – Charcuterie